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The 学生事务处主任 seeks to 授权 our students through enhanced experiences and access to 机会. 

To prepare students for life as 德 Eagles, we have provided policies and guidelines for conduct in the comprehensive 学生荣誉规章制度, where the Deans of Students administer the student conduct process. 


另外, the 学生事务处主任 advocates for and provides services and support to students, connecting them to programs, 部门, 机会, 和个人. Student 资源 are provided by 部门 in Student Affairs,包括 the following areas.

父母 and families are welcome to review available 资源校园活动 可以在厄尼.


  • Students can now go into Campus Solutions and designate individuals access to their educational records, access granted by the 家庭 Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
  • 使用方法: "How To Designate Individuals Access" 使用校园解决方案
  • 常见问题 (常见问题解答) about Auxiliary Access and Emergency Contact Information
  • 目录信息
Students are provided an opportunity to express any complaint, 不满, or dispute that upon investigation may be remedied. The 学生事务处主任 will provide advice and guidance to students who present us with 不满s or complaints, whether personal or academically related. 选择 在线申诉表格 开始.

The 学生事务处主任 provides support and guidance for students experiencing emergencies or illnesses that requires hospitalization. 皇冠官方APP客户端可以 

  • 与家人交流
  • 过程 没有验证
  • Discuss withdrawal processing

德 Aeronautical University community members strongly believe that we are all together in making this the best possible learning environment. Our mantra is simple: See Something, Say Something.

Students are encouraged to report suspicious behaviors or situations that seem wrong especially if it impacts our community. Individuals should contact 校园安全 & 安全立即 .

The 学生事务处主任 emphasizes making healthy and safe decisions. Education efforts are centered around the basics of safety in our Eagle community: lock 你的 doors, travel with friends when off campus, 固定好你的自行车.

校园安全 & 安全 provides significant 资源 and programs to help students be safe. We strive to promote and educate our students about personal safety through the 德 safety culture. And our students are important members of our safety culture. The Student Crime Prevention Practitioner's organization serves as our 校园安全 & 安全的使者. Feel free to contact the Student Crime group in 你的 residence hall.


If this is an emergency, call 校园安全 & 安全立即.

Are you concerned about an 德 student? If you have witnessed a situation involving a student that creates concern for his/her health and safety, feel like a student requires additional assistance, or see a student behaving inappropriately in class or on campus, 请提交 关注学生表格.




秋季和春季学期: 周一-周五, 8 a.m. 至5便士。.m.
夏季学期: 星期一,星期四, 7 a.m. 至5便士。.m.


德 is committed to developing top-notch students and global citizens. The 荣誉准则 outlines policies established to protect the well-being of our community.

Read more about the 荣誉准则